Apprentice to Professional

           Paiton - Team Leader, Revenue and Payments Team

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Hi, my name is Paiton. I have been in employed by Devon County Council since August 2019, having transitioned from an apprentice to a permanent post as Team Leader within Revenue and Payments Team. 

 As a corporate team, I have activity across all service areas including, but not limited to, Adult Social Care, Education, Highways, and Public Health.

 My core responsibilities include: managing and authorising the daily payment run on behalf of the local authority and its partnership organisations; monitoring and ensuring the integrity of Accounts Payable suppliers is kept accurate and up to date, complying with official fraud and authentication processes; acting as a failsafe for the council in the collection and recovery of monies where departments fail to perform tasks including but not limited to: recovery of unapplied credit notes, recovery of duplicated payments made through department error, protecting the authority from several hundred thousands of pounds write off per annum.

Apprenticeship History

Step In
I first joined Devon County Council as a Business Administration Level 2 apprentice, before completing Level 3 the following year. 

Finance and Public Value offer apprentices the opportunity to rotate into various placements, namely: Accounts Payable, Court of Protection, Client Financial Services, Revenue and Payments, Investments, Tax Compliance, Children’s Social Care and Pensions. Exposure to these service areas was of huge benefit, as I was able to meet both my personal and professional needs by identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses, whilst performing daily duties and maximising functions using an array of financial software packages.

The scheme enabled me to gain relevant skills and recognised qualifications in a structured environment. This was the catalyst for my ongoing progression.

Next Step 
I am currently enrolled on AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3).  The aims of this qualification are to enhance skills and adept more complex financial processes, including bookkeeping transactions/controls and the use of accounting software. 

Through independent study, supported by my tutor, I have optimised my current skills within the workplace, and am able to successfully apply context to the tasks I undertake. This has been essential whilst adopting senior responsibilities regulated by accounting policies and processes.


Team Leader


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