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 Morgan - Apprentice Technician 

Today is the start of British Science Week! This is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. This year's theme is connections! To continue National Careers Week and kick-off British Science Week, hear from Morgan, an Apprentice Engineering Technician in the Engineering Design Group.

Hi, I’m Morgan and I work as an Apprentice Technician in the Engineering Design Group - Bridge Design Team. I started in September of 2022 and have already been brought onto multiple projects to help with anything from design to procuring works.

 While I was taking my A-Levels, I was convinced that university was the right path for me. However, after speaking with the school careers advisor, as well as various people I knew in the council, I decided on applying for a civil engineering apprenticeship at the council instead. This was the best decision I could have made.

 I hadn’t had any knowledge in Civil Engineering prior to starting my apprenticeship, but the people I work with have helped me develop immensely. My team, and those around me, encourage me to push my skills with the vast array of work opportunities available at the council, be it through project delivery or STEM leadership events. In working with the council, I’m able to gain experience of a wide range of engineering problems, from cracks in retaining walls, to major bridge repair works. This is greatly beneficial for my learning, especially within the college-side of my apprenticeship as I’m able to relate what I learn from the classroom to what I have done at work.

 The team I work with are experienced engineers with the capability of fuelling my curiosity for the job. No matter the question I ask, I can always rely on them to answer with an educated response.


Apprentice Engineering Technician

Engineering Design Group


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