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Emma - Level 5 Rehabilitation Worker 

I was studying Digital and Creative Media in college in 2019. I always thought after I finished college, I would try to get into midwifery but as I looked into this more, I realised it would have been more years than I wanted to study at college and university, and I didn’t like the idea of the student debt. It was at this point I started looking into the possibility of completing a higher apprenticeship, so I would earn while I learn. I then began looking on Devon Jobs, as suggested by a family member. I wanted to have a job in the care sector and one apprenticeship which jumped out at me was the Rehabilitation officer (Visual Impairment) (ROVI) apprenticeship. I had never heard of an apprenticeship like this, so I wanted to explore it further. For this apprenticeship you study on and off the job. I now have learning weeks at Birmingham City University roughly once a month and one study day a week.

I secured the job and began my journey as an Assistant ROVI. Whilst I was doing this, I was still finishing my Diploma in Media, so I was doing part time for both. After my Diploma finished, I started working full time for DCC. I spent this time learning from my mentor on the job and began having one study day a week. This was good preparation for university. In September I started the course at BCU. The course itself is very clever because it teaches you the fundamentals of sight loss and you are able to put this into practice back at work. You can work at your own pace, and you are not rushed to take on a caseload straight away. You learn skills and find the best way of not only learning yourself, but also teaching others.

I am now going into my fifth learning week of the year and preparing for mocks. I will then return to BCU twice this academic year, one for more mocks and the other for our exams and assessments. Whilst studying in the first year you get two assignments throughout the year which you need to pass. You get lots of support from both lectures and colleagues and get a good amount of time to complete them. You also have to make lesson plans for Orientation and Mobility, and Independent Living Skills which you will teach in your end assessments in May. I like the course because I have felt prepared for it all year. Nothing has come as a shock, and I feel in control of my learning.

The great thing about this job and working for DCC is meeting people and helping them overcome the struggles that comes with sight loss. I can work from home or the office and normally have two days a week on visits. It’s amazing when somebody’s face lights up because they are finally able to read the newspaper more easily with the help of magnification and lighting.

I wouldn’t have believed someone if they told me this time last year I’d be doing this job. I used to be so worried about my future and what I’d end up doing but I’m so grateful I have this job and I can make a positive difference on somebody’s life. I feel like I have found the career I want to pursue and I’m excited to see where it can take me!


Apprentice Rehabilitation Officer (Visual Impairment)

Adults Sensory Team

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